A Day in the Life

Well, there is not really any such thing as a normal day since we moved from Wake Forest. But here is a day in my life as it is now. 🙂 Maybe I’ll do another one of these when we get to Pennsylvania.

A little before 7am…looking for mama to feed her!

 8:15 am–Getting McDonalds on the way to visit Angel at the market in New Smyrna Beach

9:30ish–She stayed happy in the basket for about 5 seconds! And I couldn’t just
choose one of the pictures I took right then, so I included the next two as well…

10:15am–Still at the market listening to the Beu sisters sing oldies and dancing with Granna

11:45am–Finally home and Uncle Josh is back from taking his comprehensive exams! Yay!

12:45pm–Eating at Pit Masters in DeLeon Springs…Evangeline liked to suck the bones!

1:55pm–Adam decided to brave the love bug invasion and change the oil before we leave on Monday.

 3:00pm–Baby’s down for a nap! I decided to work on our new blog.

4:30pm–Evangeline woke up but was not a happy camper the rest of the day.
Daddy decided to walk her around while watching ‘Eureka’, our new obsession.

5:45pm–I decided to carry her in the Ergo while I started dinner. She still wasn’t happy,
but she stayed pretty content as long as I was moving around. And I was able to get something done!

 6:30pm–Adam took over dinner when I realized I only had half an hour left to do a whole lot of packing,

since we won’t be around much Sunday and are leaving early Monday morning.

(Oh, and I couldn’t choose between these two either!–also 6:30pm)

7:55pm–Baby finally in bed! I got to enjoy my dinner (albeit after everyone else had finished)
with my parents and sister Angel for the last time this trip. Lower quality photo because I accidentally left the camera in Evangeline’s room and wasn’t about to risk waking her up! So it was taken on Adam’s phone.
*picture coming*

9:30pm–Relaxing with the family in front of the TV before bed.


Discipline, Part 2

Well, speaking of a lack of discipline…it’s been a while since I wrote that I was going to be writing “over the next few days”! Oh well. My friend Amanda wrote a blog post recently, and whenever she does it reminds me to, so here I go.

I have actually been doing better with being disciplined about having my quiet time. I say this today, of course, when I have yet to spend that wonderful time alone with Jesus. But overall, ever since we’ve arrived in Florida it has been easier to keep a schedule with things like that. I also just started a new Bible study. It’s on the life of John, by Beth Moore. Having a structured Bible study seems to be important for me–at least at this time in my life.

The other thing I am really excited about is that Adam and I have finally become consistent in having a devotions time together. A big part of that is us having the same sleep schedule for once, but I think we have also come to realize how important it is for us as a couple. We are listening to/reading Jeremiah, talking about it, and praying together. I really believe that our marriage is becoming stronger because of this, and that makes me so happy!

I probably won’t finish this little series on discipline. There are still lots of smaller things to be disciplined about, of course. But at this season of life, my spiritual discipline is really the main thing that matters. I don’t have a home to take care of and I am not taking any classes (although I do still have reading to finish before training!). 

life right now

There are several things I’ve been thinking about writing about, but my sister Tabi gave me the best idea…I was telling her how my onions sprouted, and that I decided to keep them. I found out I can use the sprouts like green onion or chives, and I just think that’s the coolest thing. So she said ‘You should blog about it!’. 

I guess I haven’t written much about everyday life lately. My next post will probably be about how much Susannah Spurgeon has inspired me, but for now I think I’ll just write a slice of life post about the past couple days.

My weekend started on Thursday night. That past week has been extremely busy with school work (2 long papers and a test), as can be attested to by the fact that laundry has been waiting to be put away for about a week and a half, and the dishes weren’t done for 3 days. d-: But Thursday night the last paper was turned in, so Adam and I went to the Coffee House on campus for a little bit. 

For those who have been in school recently, did you ever meet someone near the middle or end of the semester, get to talking, and realize that you’ve been in the same class with him or her the whole semester? Ok, that has happened to me FOUR times in the past month, and all were in the same class. I couldn’t believe it. One was on Thursday at the coffee house (the most embarrassing one was my neighbor!). 

Anyways, we had a nice evening Thursday and caught up on some of the shows we’ve didn’t get to watch earlier in the week due to school (Lost and Flashforward)…anybody else watch Lost? How crazy was that episode?!

Yesterday, I went to Pregnancy Support Services, where I’ve started volunteering on Friday mornings. It was my second time being there, and I just love it. Seeing the girls that come in, and sometimes the babies they bring, is awesome. But I also just love being around the other women who volunteer and work there. It’s so encouraging to be around like-minded, but different people. (If you want to support me in the Walk for Life next Saturday, go to my web page here. )

Friday morning Adam made a card for me “cordially inviting” me out on an ice-cream date with him that afternoon. We’d wanted to go last week but it didn’t work out. He had the day off, which is unusual, so it was a nice surprise. We ran a few errands first, then went to A La Mode (if you live in Wake Forest and haven’t been yet, you should go…delicious gelato!). Then, we walked around downtown for a bit. Adam was wonderful while I looked at a consignment shop and tried a shirt on, which he even offered to buy for me. (-:

I decided against the shirt, so we kept walking and saw signs for ‘Herb Fest’. I’ve been really wanting to get a few potted herbs to put in the kitchen so I could have fresh herbs on hand, so we walked down to it. I chose rosemary and thyme. I’m super excited to have started my own little indoor herb garden…hoping it grows soon. I’d love to get some basil, mint, and parsley as well. (Don’t I sound so domestic?)

We had some friends over last night, ordered pizza and watched ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’…one of our professors recommended it as a chic flick that guys would actually like because of the time travelling part. He was right…Adam and his friend Nathan liked it, and so did Amy and I. 

Adam’s gone to work today, so I’m going to get a lot of reading done that didn’t get done earlier in the week…but he’ll be home in time for supper, so I’m going to try making rosemary something, with fresh rosemary! 

I know this post wasn’t as shocking or controversial as the past few, but hopefully it wasn’t too boring. Life and love are keeping me happy right now…God has given us the blessing of a calm period in our lives, but that can change pretty quickly. I’m just thankful for it now and preparing for what’s to come. 

If you pray for Adam and I, can I give you a couple specifics to pray about?
1. That God will provide the perfect job for Adam starting in the fall of next year, financially and scheduling with school. 

2. We are planning to go to Japan for a two week mission trip/vision trip this summer. Pray that it works out, time wise and financially. 

Thanks so much for reading my blog!