Why I Would Pray God Smites You with Warts on Your Face

I’m just gonna say it:

If you’re wearing something that could tempt my husband to look at you in the wrong way, I might feel like praying that God smites you with wrinkles, a jiggly belly, a flat chest, and warts on your face. It just makes me mad.

Immodesty makes me mad! I realize that if you’re not a Christian, you probably won’t understand where I’m coming from. I’d be happy to explain it, but I’m really talking to my Christian sisters here. You should know better.

Now I want to confess something here before I go on: I am not perfect in this area at all! Even this morning, my husband told me that the dress I was wearing might be too revealing, but I made a ton of excuses, put on a cover-up that really didn’t cover anything up, and wore it anyways. Then the whole morning at church I was hugging my Bible to my chest because I knew I shouldn’t have worn it.

My husband should not have to go into church, or his job at a Christian bookstore, or anywhere where there are Christian women around him and come out asking me why some of the girls there were showing so much cleavage.  He shouldn’t have to divert his eyes when he’s around his Christian sisters. He, and your other Christian brothers, have to deal with a sex-charged society already which tempts them at every flip of the television station, every other bill board, and magazines galore.

I trust Adam, but I know that he’s only human. So I’m speaking to all of you on his behalf…Please help him by being more modest. Yes, he has responsibility for his own sin…but you as his sisters have the responsibility to not put a stumbling block (or should I say breasts) in his way. After reading my rough draft of this post, he told me that when he sees a girl dressed immodestly, he basically just tries to avoid her as much as possible so that he won’t be tempted…don’t be one he has to avoid!

<–Don’t worry, I don’t think you have to dress like any of these to be modest!!

Ladies, I don’t care how old you are, what kind of body you have, what size bra you wear…just honestly think before you go out in public wearing what you’re wearing. To be honest, I’ve found that if I have any doubts about what I’m wearing, it’s probably not appropriate. I know how hard it is…how tempting it is to wear what will get the most attention. But for the sake of your brothers in Christ, be modest. For your own sake, that you don’t get cheapened by being looked at as an object, be modest. It looks different for different people, but I really believe that with a little bit of common sense and a big dose of the Holy Spirit, you’ll know…And if you don’t, ask someone who will be honest.

Jesus tells us in the Bible ‘Judge not lest you be judged’. Well, I’m judging right now, but I’m also inviting you to judge me. If you see me wearing something that could cause a brother to stumble, please tell me! I may be defensive at first, but that’s probably only because I already had doubts about it and the Holy Spirit is using you to convict me even more, so I’m embarrassed that you caught me rebelling against Him.

For practical tips:
This was an interesting survey that the younger brothers of Joshua Harris did on modesty…I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s really enlightening as to how Christian guys think regarding modesty and the way we as women can help them in their struggle against lust.

If I offended you…well, I’m not really sorry, but I’d welcome your comments!

Disclaimer: After reading the rough draft of this, Adam told me he thinks it’s a little unbalanced, and that I’m harsh on the girls, and not enough on the guys. Probably he’s right…so in a month or so he’s going to be a guest contributer on my blog and write a piece for the guys! (-:

P.S. I didn’t have my Bible on me while writing this, so I didn’t include any supporting references…but if you need some for proof that modesty is God’s will, let me know! I’d be happy to supply some.