Newborn favorites: The Wonder Weeks book (or app)

If you have a baby under a year old, this book is an absolute must read. Or, if you don’t have the time or money to buy the book, at least download the app or research it online. Here’s why: it works! Ok, it’s not really something that ‘works’, but it is accurate. I’ve only had one person ever say it wasn’t accurate for their baby.

So, here’s what happens. Every few weeks or months, one of my kids has a really tough day. Tthen another one, and I start thinking, ‘where did my sweet, smiley, easy going baby go?’. And that’s when it hits me. She’s not teething, she’s not sick, nothing else out of the ordinary…It’s a wonder week! Actually, this time around I’ve tried to stay on top of it and read about each wonder week before it actually starts.

Basically, a wonder week is a developmental leap that all babies go through at predictable times. During that specific time, babies will usually be more fussy and clingy. After the leap, you’ll probably notice that your baby does some new things. I’m not going to explain it further because you can read the basic info here. Or just buy the book here. Or download the app here!

For me, the most important things this information does is gives me hope that the fussiness will end and gives me a reason for it. Sometimes that is all we need as mothers. I have not had an endlessly colicky baby (yet), but we’ve had our moments days, so I can easily imagine the frustration I would feel when I just didn’t know what was wrong. This book also gives me ideas for how to encourage whatever skills she is developing, which is fun and makes me feel more connected to her.


This girl just came out of Wonder Week 12


A Day in the Life

Well, there is not really any such thing as a normal day since we moved from Wake Forest. But here is a day in my life as it is now. 🙂 Maybe I’ll do another one of these when we get to Pennsylvania.

A little before 7am…looking for mama to feed her!

 8:15 am–Getting McDonalds on the way to visit Angel at the market in New Smyrna Beach

9:30ish–She stayed happy in the basket for about 5 seconds! And I couldn’t just
choose one of the pictures I took right then, so I included the next two as well…

10:15am–Still at the market listening to the Beu sisters sing oldies and dancing with Granna

11:45am–Finally home and Uncle Josh is back from taking his comprehensive exams! Yay!

12:45pm–Eating at Pit Masters in DeLeon Springs…Evangeline liked to suck the bones!

1:55pm–Adam decided to brave the love bug invasion and change the oil before we leave on Monday.

 3:00pm–Baby’s down for a nap! I decided to work on our new blog.

4:30pm–Evangeline woke up but was not a happy camper the rest of the day.
Daddy decided to walk her around while watching ‘Eureka’, our new obsession.

5:45pm–I decided to carry her in the Ergo while I started dinner. She still wasn’t happy,
but she stayed pretty content as long as I was moving around. And I was able to get something done!

 6:30pm–Adam took over dinner when I realized I only had half an hour left to do a whole lot of packing,

since we won’t be around much Sunday and are leaving early Monday morning.

(Oh, and I couldn’t choose between these two either!–also 6:30pm)

7:55pm–Baby finally in bed! I got to enjoy my dinner (albeit after everyone else had finished)
with my parents and sister Angel for the last time this trip. Lower quality photo because I accidentally left the camera in Evangeline’s room and wasn’t about to risk waking her up! So it was taken on Adam’s phone.
*picture coming*

9:30pm–Relaxing with the family in front of the TV before bed.


The Challenges

Challenge #1: Successfully take 335 days of pictures. (Started 1/30…it’s hard to start anything 1/1 when you had a baby on 12/30!)
Progress: 4 down, 331 to go!

Evangeline’s 1 Month Picture–1/30/11




Challenge #2: Write at least one blog post a week.
Progress: 1 down, at least 47 more to go this year.

Challenge #3: Continue learning how to become an excellent wife, as well as mother.
Progress: Working on it…(-: I love being a mom, and I STILL love being a wife. I’m even loving finding the balance between the two. Both are still hard, but both are incredibly worth it. Evangeline is almost 5 weeks old now, and we’re settling in to a new normal…I’m going to start back nannying next week, and be able to bring the baby with me. I’ve also started taking Theology (that should make for some interesting posts) one night a week…that helps me feel like I still have a little bit of a life that’s not centered around babies. d-: Evangeline is going about three hours between feedings, sometimes four at night…which means the most sleep I’ve gotten in a row for the past five weeks is about 3 1/2 hours. But I’m pretty amazed at how well I’m still able to function! The house isn’t falling apart, I’m not bawling my eyes out everyday, and I think I’m going to be able to keep up with my classwork.

I’m looking forward to a new year (sorry I’m behind a month), and updating you on my new normal. (-: