A Day in the Life

Well, there is not really any such thing as a normal day since we moved from Wake Forest. But here is a day in my life as it is now. 🙂 Maybe I’ll do another one of these when we get to Pennsylvania.

A little before 7am…looking for mama to feed her!

 8:15 am–Getting McDonalds on the way to visit Angel at the market in New Smyrna Beach

9:30ish–She stayed happy in the basket for about 5 seconds! And I couldn’t just
choose one of the pictures I took right then, so I included the next two as well…

10:15am–Still at the market listening to the Beu sisters sing oldies and dancing with Granna

11:45am–Finally home and Uncle Josh is back from taking his comprehensive exams! Yay!

12:45pm–Eating at Pit Masters in DeLeon Springs…Evangeline liked to suck the bones!

1:55pm–Adam decided to brave the love bug invasion and change the oil before we leave on Monday.

 3:00pm–Baby’s down for a nap! I decided to work on our new blog.

4:30pm–Evangeline woke up but was not a happy camper the rest of the day.
Daddy decided to walk her around while watching ‘Eureka’, our new obsession.

5:45pm–I decided to carry her in the Ergo while I started dinner. She still wasn’t happy,
but she stayed pretty content as long as I was moving around. And I was able to get something done!

 6:30pm–Adam took over dinner when I realized I only had half an hour left to do a whole lot of packing,

since we won’t be around much Sunday and are leaving early Monday morning.

(Oh, and I couldn’t choose between these two either!–also 6:30pm)

7:55pm–Baby finally in bed! I got to enjoy my dinner (albeit after everyone else had finished)
with my parents and sister Angel for the last time this trip. Lower quality photo because I accidentally left the camera in Evangeline’s room and wasn’t about to risk waking her up! So it was taken on Adam’s phone.
*picture coming*

9:30pm–Relaxing with the family in front of the TV before bed.