Newborn favorites: The Wonder Weeks book (or app)

If you have a baby under a year old, this book is an absolute must read. Or, if you don’t have the time or money to buy the book, at least download the app or research it online. Here’s why: it works! Ok, it’s not really something that ‘works’, but it is accurate. I’ve only had one person ever say it wasn’t accurate for their baby.

So, here’s what happens. Every few weeks or months, one of my kids has a really tough day. Tthen another one, and I start thinking, ‘where did my sweet, smiley, easy going baby go?’. And that’s when it hits me. She’s not teething, she’s not sick, nothing else out of the ordinary…It’s a wonder week! Actually, this time around I’ve tried to stay on top of it and read about each wonder week before it actually starts.

Basically, a wonder week is a developmental leap that all babies go through at predictable times. During that specific time, babies will usually be more fussy and clingy. After the leap, you’ll probably notice that your baby does some new things. I’m not going to explain it further because you can read the basic info here. Or just buy the book here. Or download the app here!

For me, the most important things this information does is gives me hope that the fussiness will end and gives me a reason for it. Sometimes that is all we need as mothers. I have not had an endlessly colicky baby (yet), but we’ve had our moments days, so I can easily imagine the frustration I would feel when I just didn’t know what was wrong. This book also gives me ideas for how to encourage whatever skills she is developing, which is fun and makes me feel more connected to her.


This girl just came out of Wonder Week 12


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