Newborn favorites: The Wonder Weeks book (or app)

If you have a baby under a year old, this book is an absolute must read. Or, if you don’t have the time or money to buy the book, at least download the app or research it online. Here’s why: it works! Ok, it’s not really something that ‘works’, but it is accurate. I’ve only had one person ever say it wasn’t accurate for their baby.

So, here’s what happens. Every few weeks or months, one of my kids has a really tough day. Tthen another one, and I start thinking, ‘where did my sweet, smiley, easy going baby go?’. And that’s when it hits me. She’s not teething, she’s not sick, nothing else out of the ordinary…It’s a wonder week! Actually, this time around I’ve tried to stay on top of it and read about each wonder week before it actually starts.

Basically, a wonder week is a developmental leap that all babies go through at predictable times. During that specific time, babies will usually be more fussy and clingy. After the leap, you’ll probably notice that your baby does some new things. I’m not going to explain it further because you can read the basic info here. Or just buy the book here. Or download the app here!

For me, the most important things this information does is gives me hope that the fussiness will end and gives me a reason for it. Sometimes that is all we need as mothers. I have not had an endlessly colicky baby (yet), but we’ve had our moments days, so I can easily imagine the frustration I would feel when I just didn’t know what was wrong. This book also gives me ideas for how to encourage whatever skills she is developing, which is fun and makes me feel more connected to her.


This girl just came out of Wonder Week 12


More newborn favorites series: Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water; And: Oh, hello again!

My sweet baby girl is almost 3 months old! C.r.a.z.y! (Did you miss her birth story? Here it is.)She’s still sleeping in her Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, which I was just sitting in my room rocking with my foot to get her back to sleep, in the one corner of our house that doesn’t have hardly any internet access (bad choice for a rocking chair place?). I have to say, in the middle of my busy life right now, that’s just about my favorite thing to do. Malachi starts yelling “poop, poop” with his worried face on, Evangeline screams that her millionth band-aid fell off, and Eliana gives a little cry even though she still has half her nap to finish. Who wants to deal with the kids and who wants the baby, Adam and I ask. “I’ll go rock Eliana!” *jinx* Because who doesn’t want to sit in a cool, quiet, dark room with nothing to do but rock the sweet girl and piddle around on your phone?

Anyways, I’m excited to start a blog series on some of my favorite baby things. I know I already wrote that post after Malachi was born, but for some reason I feel like I have a much better grasp on this whole baby thing this time around. 3rd time’s a charm?

“Hannah”, you may be asking, “why are blogging as if it hasn’t been approximately 323 days since your last blog? Shouldn’t you be saying ‘hey, I’m back! Hello again! Here’s an update on the last 323 days!’ or something?” Nope. Sorry, not going to do it. I have never in my sad little blogging life stayed consistent with blogging. I love it. I love writing and I’m told I’m kind of good at it, and I have lots to write about. But I rarely have the time or brain power to get to it. I don’t know how I’m even doing it right now…it’s kind of a miracle. So no, I’m not going to start every blog with “sorry it’s been so long, maybe from now on I’ll do better!”. I’ll just blog when I want to and when the miracle of time and energy collide. 🙂

So, rather than make a huge forever long blog about all my favorites, I’m going to do several short ones about one thing at a time (timing depends on that whole miracle thing). But I have several friends expecting new little ones over the next 6 months or so, so maybe this will be helpful.

First most favorite thing: Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water. I make no guarantees about how this will work for curing any kind of colic or gas or upset tummies. But if your baby suffers from a condition called “hiccups”, then you NEED this. I’m not kidding, it’s a miracle cure. Eliana has gotten hiccups multiple times a day since she was born, and when those occur right before naps or in the middle of the night, it’ But when she was about a week old I decided to try this stuff that I ordered from before she was born. And it worked. And it’s worked every.single.time. after that. Some things you need to know:

  • I took a swig of it the other day and it actually tastes kind of good. It’s all natural as far as I can tell.
  • For several weeks I didn’t understand the dosage directions and gave Eliana about 1/4 of the dosage it recommended. It still worked! So I kept doing that and just upped the dosage by a little bit as she got bigger.
  • The bottle says you should use it before 4 weeks after opening the bottle. I think I used it for a couple weeks after that with no bad results (and it still worked).
  • It’s a tad bit expensive. Check around online and or find coupons to use in stores (if you’re in America) and maybe you can find good deals, or ask for several bottles for a baby shower present. Eliana went through it faster the first 6 weeks, and now only needs it every few days. So we’re only on the second bottle, plus I have a travel size one for the diaper bag.
  • Last: It works! Like I said, we mostly just use it for hiccups, but there was one time when she was unusually fussy at a weird time, I gave her a dose of that and it calmed her down immediately so that she went to sleep. So I think it probably does work well for gassy babies too.

I don’t work for these people, not getting paid to write this or anything. I’ve just been amazed at how well this stuff works and want to spread the word! Beat those hiccups! You don’t need to lose any precious minutes of sleep to them when you have a newborn.

The end! Stay tuned for my next installment: “Wonder Weeks” (book/app)!

And…oh, hello again!