Becoming Influenze-d

Yuck, I hate the flu.

I could feel that tickle in my throat on Monday and knew something was coming. I thought it would just be a cold, but by Tuesday night when my fever got to almost 40 degrees Celsius, I started suspecting the flu. I finally dragged myself to the doctor on Thursday to have it confirmed. I almost wish I hadn’t, since someone who has had the flu anytime in the past few weeks is somewhat of a pariah in Japan.

Being stuck in bed or on the couch for three days at least gives me some perspective. Here are things I learned:

1. I easily get addicted to a TV series.

2. I have a wonderful husband who did his best to take care of the house and kids.

3. Despite his best efforts, he needs me. šŸ™‚

4. Even though I am very much an introvert, I can only go so long without getting out of the house. So long=3 days.

5. I still need my mom to tell me when to go to the doctor.

6. Being sick doesn’t cause my kids to need me any less, or make my desire to be their mama any less.

Thankfully I feel almost back to normal now. If we were in the States I would have gone to church today, but we’re not so I didn’t. Looking forward to the rest of this week getting back to our version of ‘normal’ though!

Hope the flu doesn’t find you!




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