Becoming ‘un-Desperate’

I recently finished the book ‘Desperate: Hope for Moms Who Need to Breathe’. I can honestly say God has used it to change my life and my outlook on life.

Here’s the link to it on Amazon. I read it on Kindle: Buy Desperate on Amazon

I had a hard winter. In a future post I’ll write more about the whys of that, but it culminated with me crying in our bathroom for an hour and deciding I needed to go to the doctor because I just didn’t feel right or like myself. I was having more bad days than good, and even the good ones weren’t great. I was always tired. I was starting to resent my kids. I was desperate.

The doctor told me I probably had mild postpartum depression, which made sense considering Malachi’s age. If it got worse, he said, come back for medication. I decided that it wouldn’t get worse.

One of my best friends came for ten days soon after that. And then we went on a two week trip to Taiwan where I was surrounded by friends and people I could honestly talk to. And then the book Desperate, which I had pre-ordered, was finally delivered to my Kindle.

I cried through the introduction and first chapter. I felt like it was directly speaking to me.

I’m not going to write a book review, because you can find those easily elsewhere. I just wanted to share that if you’re a mama and feeling or have ever felt desperate, this book is for you. It’s not another parenting book or method for raising kids, keeping house, or living ‘spiritually’. It’s just an encouragement from moms to moms to live life fully, the way that God made you to, in your own unique style.

God used the authors of Desperate to show me that motherhood is extremely important and that there are very few other things in life that I will do that are more important. That I need fellowship with other moms, including those who have already been through the ‘desperate times’. That I could find joy in being a mommy, even in the hard times. That I could take time for myself and not feel guilty. That making my home a place my kids want to be and my husband and I are comfortable in is a worthwhile endeavor. And so much more.

If you decide to read it or have already, let me know your thoughts! I hope it’s as good for your soul as it has been for mine.


Hannah 🙂


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