Quiet Time

Quiet time is what I need – every day. I call my devotional time my “quiet time”, and I need that every day too. But I also just need time to myself that’s quiet. If you put a label on people, I would definitely have the “introvert” label. That means that I get energized by alone time, whereas extroverts get energized by being around people.

It’s been more difficult lately to find that time. One, because I have a 9 month old who has lately decided that everything within her reach should be crumpled, banged on the floor, and then eaten. Two, because I am living in transition and don’t have a home of my own where I can go into hiding. (Sad, I know…but exciting too!)

But having some time to myself makes my day go so much better usually. So, I’ve realized that to make this happen, all I have to do is ask my wonderful husband. Sometimes I get huffy and irritable, thinking that he should just read my mind and know that I need him to watch Evangeline for half an hour so I can go outside for a little bit. Well, he can’t read my mind but he does listen and try to make me happy when he can. So I ask and I receive. Yay for wonderful, sweet husbands!