Tick Tock

The clock is running down on my time for writing a new post this week!! This one doesn’t count…it’s just meant to serve as a reminder that I have to write tomorrow, or I’ll have failed my challenge after just one week! Ahh…I think I will write a little bit about my experience with cloth diapers so far. I’m a little bit obsessed with them right now, so it’s a good thing to write about. (-:



The Challenges

Challenge #1: Successfully take 335 days of pictures. (Started 1/30…it’s hard to start anything 1/1 when you had a baby on 12/30!)
Progress: 4 down, 331 to go!

Evangeline’s 1 Month Picture–1/30/11




Challenge #2: Write at least one blog post a week.
Progress: 1 down, at least 47 more to go this year.

Challenge #3: Continue learning how to become an excellent wife, as well as mother.
Progress: Working on it…(-: I love being a mom, and I STILL love being a wife. I’m even loving finding the balance between the two. Both are still hard, but both are incredibly worth it. Evangeline is almost 5 weeks old now, and we’re settling in to a new normal…I’m going to start back nannying next week, and be able to bring the baby with me. I’ve also started taking Theology (that should make for some interesting posts) one night a week…that helps me feel like I still have a little bit of a life that’s not centered around babies. d-: Evangeline is going about three hours between feedings, sometimes four at night…which means the most sleep I’ve gotten in a row for the past five weeks is about 3 1/2 hours. But I’m pretty amazed at how well I’m still able to function! The house isn’t falling apart, I’m not bawling my eyes out everyday, and I think I’m going to be able to keep up with my classwork.

I’m looking forward to a new year (sorry I’m behind a month), and updating you on my new normal. (-: