The Greatest Baptist…Wife?

I’m procrastinating on studying for my Baptist History test…I really should take advantage of the baby being asleep (the baby I watch…no, you didn’t miss me being pregnant and giving birth!). But I just read a blog that some of my family members are writing in preparation for them going to Vietnam this summer…you can read it here. My little sister was the last one to post! I’m pretty jealous that they all get to go…but Adam and I are hopefully going to Japan this summer, so I should be satisfied. (-:

So, speaking of Baptist History, I am writing a biographical essay on Susannah Spurgeon. The assignment was to write it on someone influential in Baptist history, and I really wanted to do a woman, but the only one on the list was Lottie Moon. I know a lot about her already, and wanted someone new…I think I also just wanted to make sure that there were other influential women in Baptist history. I sent an email to my professor asking him about it, but it turned out that that night he lectured on Charles Spurgeon. When I heard him talking about Charles’ wife and some of the things she did, I decided to ask if I could do my essay on her…who better to write about than the wife of the greatest Baptist preacher in history?

Apparently, my professor didn’t really know much about her because he told me that if I could find even ONE sentence written by her (for my required primary source), then I could do it. He didn’t think she’d written anything. So I went home, and it didn’t take much researching to find out that she’s actually written four books, plus the ending of her husband’s autobiography. Two of the books are devotionals, and two are semi-autobiographical about the work she did in the ‘Book Fund’. I also found a biography on her which includes some of her journal entries. (-: So there, Dr. Finn! In a few short weeks, I will present to you the first biographical essay ever done at Southeastern on Susannah Spurgeon.

I will write more about what I find out about her…so far I’ve learned about the beginnings of their love. ❤ It was actually very romantic, considering it was in the mid-1800’s and involved two Baptists!

Ok, now time to study about all the other stuff in Baptist History, which is not nearly as interesting as Susannah Spurgeon! But I have a mid-term to take tomorrow before Adam and I head to Florida, so alas…it must be learned.


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