The Greatest Baptist…Wife?

I’m procrastinating on studying for my Baptist History test…I really should take advantage of the baby being asleep (the baby I watch…no, you didn’t miss me being pregnant and giving birth!). But I just read a blog that some of my family members are writing in preparation for them going to Vietnam this summer…you can read it here. My little sister was the last one to post! I’m pretty jealous that they all get to go…but Adam and I are hopefully going to Japan this summer, so I should be satisfied. (-:

So, speaking of Baptist History, I am writing a biographical essay on Susannah Spurgeon. The assignment was to write it on someone influential in Baptist history, and I really wanted to do a woman, but the only one on the list was Lottie Moon. I know a lot about her already, and wanted someone new…I think I also just wanted to make sure that there were other influential women in Baptist history. I sent an email to my professor asking him about it, but it turned out that that night he lectured on Charles Spurgeon. When I heard him talking about Charles’ wife and some of the things she did, I decided to ask if I could do my essay on her…who better to write about than the wife of the greatest Baptist preacher in history?

Apparently, my professor didn’t really know much about her because he told me that if I could find even ONE sentence written by her (for my required primary source), then I could do it. He didn’t think she’d written anything. So I went home, and it didn’t take much researching to find out that she’s actually written four books, plus the ending of her husband’s autobiography. Two of the books are devotionals, and two are semi-autobiographical about the work she did in the ‘Book Fund’. I also found a biography on her which includes some of her journal entries. (-: So there, Dr. Finn! In a few short weeks, I will present to you the first biographical essay ever done at Southeastern on Susannah Spurgeon.

I will write more about what I find out about her…so far I’ve learned about the beginnings of their love. ❤ It was actually very romantic, considering it was in the mid-1800’s and involved two Baptists!

Ok, now time to study about all the other stuff in Baptist History, which is not nearly as interesting as Susannah Spurgeon! But I have a mid-term to take tomorrow before Adam and I head to Florida, so alas…it must be learned.


Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Married

I heard several people, before I got married, say that the honeymoon phase lasts about 6 months, then reality sets in…that sounded so terrible to me! But our six month anniversary has come and gone (3 weeks ago!), and so far I feel just as much in the honeymoon phase as I did 4 weeks ago. I’m starting to think (hope) that it’s not a “phase”, but that I am as in love with my husband in 25 or 50 years as I am today.

So, in honor of making it past 6 months and still being so very happily married, I’m doing this top 10 post. (-: I love you, Adam (my cuppycake, gumdrop, shnookem shnookem apple of my eye).

Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Married:

10. I have someone to tell me when I’m being ridiculous, pouty, bratty, or the like…but I still know how incredibly much he loves me. (And still loves me even when I get mad at him for telling me the truth!)

9. I get to live with my best friend who I can spend all day with and not get tired of…and who will watch Lost and try to figure it out with me, even though we both know it’s impossible!

8. I have someone to cook for! I’ve always liked cooking to a degree, but something about having someone else to cook for just makes it way better. And he will always eat what I make him, even if he doesn’t like it. (-:

7. He makes me the best breakfasts ever!

6. He takes care of our car, and any other mechanical stuff that I don’t understand…

5. He always drives when we’re together, which is great since I don’t like driving if I don’t have to. And he’s a better driver than me anyways. (-:

4. Sex!

3. Going to sleep in his arms, especially on cold nights.

2. Having someone there to make decisions with is wonderful…and even though he’s the leader in our family, he always looks to me for my opinion and takes it seriously. I don’t like making decisions though, so having the final responsibility off my shoulders is a really great feeling for me.

And the number 1 reason I love being married…..

1. It is the most intimate relationship possible outside my relationship with God, and when it is good, life is good. And right now, it is good. I can’t even find the words to describe the amazing companionship and spiritual oneness that marriage provides. I’m so thankful that God created marriage, and that he allowed Adam and I to find each other all the way across the world. Adam is everything I ever wanted in a man and more…the apple of my eye!